Sunday, August 8, 2021

Thousand Islands 3D Shipwrecks site

The St. Lawrence River Historical Foundation (SRHF) has worked with 3D as part of their mission "to create a database of 3D models of all Great Lakes shipwrecks that can be viewed by the public and professionals to study and enjoy these historical maritime sites in the region.  The public can visit these sites from the comfort of their homes and appreciate the wealth of our maritime heritage preserved in the waters of our Great Lakes.  Academics and professional resource managers will be able to quickly investigate these sites to evaluate the potential historic significance of features of the sites.  By periodically repeating the survey and modeling process they will be able to assess the risk of losing the data to natural site deterioration."

SRHF has produced the 3D models on website from older repurposed videos using a process call Photogrammetry.  The models will be updated when new videos become available. 

At this time the shipwrecks on this site are only from the US Thousand Islands off Jefferson County.