Sunday, August 8, 2021

Thousand Islands 3D Shipwrecks site

The St. Lawrence River Historical Foundation (SRHF) has  joined and are working with 3D as part of their mission "to create a database of 3D models of all Great Lakes shipwrecks that can be viewed by the public and professionals to study and enjoy these historical maritime sites in the region.  The public can visit these sites from the comfort of their homes and appreciate the wealth of our maritime heritage preserved in the waters of our Great Lakes.  Academics and professional resource managers will be able to quickly investigate these sites to evaluate the potential historic significance of features of the sites.  By periodically repeating the survey and modeling process they will be able to assess the risk of losing the data to natural site deterioration."

SRHF has produced the 3D models on website from older repurposed videos using a process call Photogrammetry.  The models will be updated when new videos become available. 

At this time the shipwrecks on this site are only from the US Thousand Islands off Jefferson County. 

Monday, May 17, 2021

Thousand Islands 3D Shipwrecks

The St. Lawrence River Historical Foundation (SRHF) has started a program to create a database of 3D models of Thousand Islands shipwrecks that can be viewed by the public and made available to interested parties in the region.

We have joined and are working with 3D  as part of their
project to provide 3D models of every shipwreck in the Great Lakes.
Our plan is to launch a new website for Thousand Islands 3D Shipwrecks
by the end of the dive season.  We will work with the local dive clubs,
divers, and shops and get videos to produce 3D models.  Anyone who has
a video of a wreck site that we can extract a 3D image from, we will
process it for free and give back the files for a 3D model.  The only
provision is that we get to post it on 3D and our own sites
with appropriate credits.  The videos should be filmed for use in
photogrammetry but sometimes they can be repurposed.

Using older repurposed videos, it looks like we have acceptable models
for about 50% of the US wrecks in the Thousand Islands off Jefferson
County. They can be seen on the individual shipwreck pages on this website.

Interested parties can email us at

False Squaw

Monday, February 1, 2021

Shipwrecks of the American Thousand Islands

This program was presented to the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton NY on January 28, 2021. 

In the Thousand Islands, there are more shipwrecks per square mile or kilometer than any other location in the Great Lakes.  The purpose of this presentation is to provide a basic understanding of this unique collection of shipwrecks in the American waters of the Thousand Islands.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Take Pictures Leave only bubbles 

SRHF operates in accordance with New York State law. Archeological resources located underwater are the shared cultural and historical legacy as well as legally the property of the people of the state of New York. 

Because of the educational value of submerged resources, responsibility for their management is with the State Department of Education. The Department’s New York State Museum has responsibility for the protection and care of historical sites on submerged lands. It has authorization to gather data about them through issuing permits for underwater projects of an educational nature.

What is SRHF ?

The St. Lawrence River Historical Foundation, Inc. (SRHF) was formed as a non-profit corporation in July of 1994 to promote research and education regarding the maritime history of the St. Lawrence River. 


SRHF is supported by individuals, companies, and other non-profit organizations. 


For additional information please contact SRHF at the following address 


St. Lawrence River Historical Foundation Inc.

 35669 Beadles Point Rd. W.

 Cape Vincent, NY 13618 




History of SRHF

St Lawrence River Historical Foundation Inc

Founded in 1993   


We’ve given presentations at Oswego’s “Great Lakes Underwater”, Ogdensburg’s “Founders Days”, Cape Vincent’s “Historical Weekend” as well as presentations at the in Hammond Museum, Cornwall Brothers Store and Museum in Alex Bay, the Thousand Island Museum in Clayton, Thousand Islands Land Trust, Clayton, Aquatarium, Brockville, Ontario, and the Cape Vincent Museum.



1994-1997 Iroquoise Project survey and identification of 18th-century shipwreck on 

          Niagara Shoal. Among others, worked with New York State Historic 

          Preservation, Peter Engelbert Archeologist for the Province of Ontario and Nick Rule, 

          British Archeologist.


         - Received NAS II certificates from the British Nautical Archeology Society   


1995 - Watertown Daly Times story “Shedding Light on a St. Lawrence River 

            Shipwreck. By John Golden


1998 - North Bay Video for New York State 


1999 - Joint NYSDA/SRHF underwater site proposal


2003 - testified on the State’s handling of an anchor for the Court 

           case of French Creek Marina vs. NYS


2007 - His Majesty Schooner Anson a.k.a. Iroquoise, Great Lakes Underwater 


2009 - conducted a cannon survey near Carleton Island with Jim Kennard, one 

           of the discoverers of the Revolutionary War British Ship “Ontario”


2011 - discovered the “Box Stove Wreck” in Cape Vincent and worked with New 

           York State to identify and protect it


2012 - 2013 Battle of French Creek program at Thousand Islands Museum 


2013 - first Shipwreck display at the Thousand Islands Museum. Peg Dolan of 

           Cape Vincent and Rochester wrote and performed the song “Silence” 

           for the display


         - Launched the Fort Web site 


2014 - provided St. Lawrence River content for the Sea Grant State Fair exhibit. 


2016 - Channel 7, Watertown “Secrets of Carleton” video with John Moore


          - Dennis McCarthy returned to Niagara Shoal with a film crew from Spiegel 

            Television, Germany to photograph the Iroquoise as part of a TV series     

            on the Thousand Islands that was broadcasted in France and Germany in 

            May of 2017. At 257 years old, the Iroquoise was still resting on the 

            bottom of the St. Lawrence River on Niagara Shoal less than 35 miles 

            from where she was launch in 1759 near present-day Maitland Ontario. 


          - Cannon dedication at East End Park, Cape Vincent


2017- Inland Seas, the Quarterly Journal of the National Museum of the Great 

           Lakes, Volume 73, Page 98-108 His "Majesty’s Schooner the Anson, Late 

           the Iroquoise"


2019 - help design signage for cannon displayed at East End Park, Cape Vincent


-Hoisted Drain the Oceans producer and crew at Cape Vincent.


         - "Carleton Island’s North Bay Wreck" By Dennis McCarthy, Quarterly  

             Journal of the National Museum of the Great Lakes, 2019, Volume 75, 

             Page 151-163

            - Presentation "Historic Shipwrecks of the Thousand Islands" at the Nautical 

              Archaeology Society and the Ordnance Society 2019 Conference - Wooden Walls and

             Stone Bastions, University of Portsmouth, England. 16th-17th November 2019 


2020 - Historic Shipwrecks of the Thousand Islands by Dennis McCarthy  

             Journal of the Ordnance Society, 2020, Volume 27, Page 58 - 69    


2021 - “First Person,” an interview show at North Country Public Radio St. Lawrence University 

-  Watertown Daily Times - Chris Brock: Interview Dennis & Kathi McCarthy about

            SRHF & ABM talk

- “Shipwrecks of the 1000 Islands” evening Lecture on Virtual Lecture Series Antique 

           Boat Museum 

- Cape Vincent dedication of the East End Park Pavilion & St Louis shipwreck sign 

- Launched website

- WDT Article by Chris Brock: “Ship shapes: 3-D technology opening new world for 

           exploring underwater wrecks”

- Lyme Heritage Center Talk "Shipwrecks don't come with names" ID of a 

           shipwreck discovered off Cape Vincent, NY"

- Presentation to the English Speaking Union “Shipwrecks of the Thousand Islands” 

2022 - 18/19th Century Boat/Ship Building in Cape Library with George Sperry – Ship 

            building at Fort Haldimand on Carleton Island.

            Thousand Islands Museum presentation on the history of Fort Haldimand on Carleton Island