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Location: Washington Island                                    GPS: 44° 14.940'N, 76° 4.310'W

Depth: 50 Feet                                                           Bottom: Mud

Access: Boat                                                              Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Year built unknown                                                   Built at: unknown

Vessel Type Steam Yacht                                         Hull Materials: wood

Builder Name: unknown                                           Propulsion: propeller

Length: 86 feet.                                                         Beam 20 feet.

Depth of hold: unknown                                            Tonnage: unknown

Date of loss: before 1970                                           Cause: salvaged and burned

The remains of the Yacht Dauntless are midpoint between Washington Island (east of Clayton) and Round Island, in about 50 ft of water. This 80 foot double-ender yacht was burned, but some decking and hatches remain. The engine is missing. Some scroll work about the bow and wide decking with bright white caulking is still visible. The metal work for a canvas canapé is nearby as well as some large timbers.

Yacht Dauntless


In 1921 Brown Boat Line acquired the Dauntless with the capacity to hold 100 passengers. At the time she was the largest motor yachts on the river operating a regular passenger schedule between Clayton and Alexandria Bay, N.Y. The Dauntless was salvaged by one of the local shipbuilders in Clayton in the mid 1900’s. Her engine and most of her metal work were removed. She was set on fire and allowed to drift downstream from Washington Island toward Round Island. She sank about half way between the two. Old timers told divers about the Dauntless and other salvaged yachts that met the same fate. Found by the Auburn Divers in the 1970’s, the Dauntless was identified by the scroll work that was visible on the hull. The other yachts were never found.


AUGUST 15, 1921.


Alexandria Bay, Aug. 13

Dauntless, newest addition to the Brown Boat Line operating between Clayton and Alexandria Bay in connection with all New York Central trains, made its first trip up from Clayton last night arriving here at 6:50 p. m. The Dauntless, which is the largest motor yacht on the river operating a regular passenger schedule has a permitted capacity of 100 passengers. She is 86 feet long and is equipped with a 160 horse power twin screw Buffalo engine.

The boat will replace the old Just Brown I on the schedule and with the Just Brown II will connect with all incoming and outgoing trains at Clayton to and from Thousand Island Park and Alexandria Bay and intermediate points. The old boat will be used for freight and mail service.

Capt M. P. Brown is in charge of the Dauntless.